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Welcome to Considine’s Liscannor Stone

The Considine family have owned and operated their quarry adjacent to the Cliffs of Moher in Liscannor since the early 1900‘s. With over 100 years’ experience in quarrying, we are ideally placed to guide and advise our customers in their selection across a wide range of stone products. During this time we have amassed a firm reputation for the finish and natural pattern of our fossil stone as well as the quality customer service provided to our customers.

All stone is quarried manually using skills passed down from one generation to another. Once the stone is selected and extracted, it is moved to our on-site shed in order that it can be processed and cut to meet our customers’ requirements.

Considine Liscannor Stone offers competitive pricing to our customers in both the Irish and the UK market with high quality Liscannor stone for use in:

Serving Galway 087 225 2520

Entrance Walls
Flower Beds
Garden Walls
BBQ area
Patio Stone

Contact Liscannor Stone today to learn more about pour products and services. Delivery can be arranged and delivery inclusive prices are available upon request. We can also recommend talented and experienced local stone masons. Serving Galway

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