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 Considine’s Liscannor Stone

Stone Products

At Considine's Liscannor Stone our experts supply only the highest quality stone and stone products for every use.

House Facing & Window sills

A dry stone facing on gables or surrounding features like porches or conservatories is a special way to incorporate a natural product into the design of your property. It is weatherproof and requires no maintenance. It is also possible to order window sills.

Fireplaces and fire hearths

Fireplaces can be constructed using building stone regardless of whether you want a traditional open fireplace or instead you want to incorporate a fire box. Also, as the stone will not be damaged by hot ashes, it is worthwhile incorporating a flag stone into the floor area in front of your built in stove or fire box as a practical and stylish feature!

Alternatively, a single flagstone can be cut to make a stone fireplace and this can be incorporated with a stone hearth.

Stove Platforms

A Liscannor stone flag makes an ideal platform to mount your stove on as it can be cut to fit your exact measurements and it also won’t be damaged if hot ashes fall onto it. You can incorporate a Liscannor stone hearth behind your stove to complete your feature.

Landscaping and Patios

We have worked closely with landscapers and gardeners in the past who wanted to create a special feature. Our stone has been used to great effect in creating feature steps, garden walls, flower beds, bbq areas, patios and even stone tables! It is the ideal material to use in a garden as it requires no maintenance and is very durable.

Internal Flooring

It is one of the only natural products that is ideal to use with underfloor heating due to the stone’s qualities as a conductor.

Door steps

As a stylish alternative to concrete at a very affordable price, a flagstone cut to your exact measurements makes a special door step!

Piers and Garden Walls

A dry stone constructed wall capped with a specially cut flag makes a unique and impressive feature at the entrance to your property. The versatility of the stone coupled with the fact that each order is specially processed according to our customers requirements allows you to decide what the dimensions and design will be.

Your Project

If you want to consider using our stone for any purpose not described here, please call so we can discuss this with you! We have been requested over the years to provide stone for many uses from traditional flag roof slates to a raw material for artists!

Serving Galway 087 225 2520

How our product is prepared 

Building Stone

Building Stone is used for house fronts, fireplaces, entrance walls, garden walls and in landscaping. It can vary in thickness from 2 inches to 6 inches depending on the customers requirements.

Sawn Flags

Sawn Flags can be used for fire hearths, as a base for stoves, patios, floors, wall capping and pier caps. It can vary in thickness from 1/2 inch to 3 inches depending on the customers requirements. It will be cut and prepared according to your dimensions so you get exactly the piece you require.

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