Fireplaces and Stoves

A fireplace or stove can serve as the focal point of any home, providing heat as well as an elegant aesthetic.

Considine Liscannor Stone offers bespoke natural stone for use in fireplace’s and stoves as well as platforms for stoves. We’ve been providing our customers with quality stone for over 100 years and have assisted our clients .

Fireplaces and Stoves

Fireplaces can be constructed using building stone regardless of whether you want a traditional open fireplace or instead you want to incorporate a fire box. Also, as the stone will not be damaged by hot ashes, it is worthwhile incorporating a flag stone into the floor area in front of your built in stove or fire box as a practical and stylish feature!

Alternatively, a single flagstone can be cut to make a stone fireplace and this can be incorporated with a stone hearth.

Stove Platforms

A Liscannor stone flag makes an ideal platform to mount your stove on as it can be cut to fit your exact measurements and it also won’t be damaged if hot ashes fall onto it. You can incorporate a Liscannor stone hearth behind your stove to complete your feature.

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